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CT Bridal Shows Announces Honeymoon and Prizes


CT Bridal Shows presents: Get ready for Prizes and Giveaways at the Bridal Extravaganza.
An exciting event is planned where you’ll find wedding fashions, verified wedding professionals and cool ideas. Then you’ll take in gowns and dresses with a fast moving fashion show… all topped off with prizes galore.

PRIZE UPDATES: We have some more cool prizes to announce that will be given by show sponsors. Check some of them out…

      • – A 4 Day 3 Night All Inclusive Resort Stay in Antigua from EZ Travel

      • – Every couple will recieve a Tote Bag from Dinner for 2

      • – A Full Weekend Stay Package from Silver Leaf Resort

      • – A 3 Day 2 Night Hotel Getaway from CTWedding Planning

      • – One complimentary microderm coupon valued at $125 from American Laser

      • – His and Her Titanium wedding bands from Wed for All

      • – An Engagement Session including (2) 8×10 ‘s and all work on a disk from Life Art’s Photographers

      • – Decorated groom’s cake from Kim’s Cottage Confections

      • – Candy buffet for bridal shower. Value: $400 from Cilla Holloway Events

And that’s only a tiny part of the prize drawings on show day.

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[kc_heading_pac_2_headline_sub size=”30″ color=”#000″ ]”Get In On The Prizes, Excitement and Register for the CT Wedding Expo”[/kc_heading_pac_2_headline_sub]

Where and When:

– Fantasia, North Haven, CT –  Sunday February 17, 2013 (12 pm – 4 pm)

Get the Details, Tickets and  CT Bridal Shows Bonuses:

[jbutton color=”blue” size=”medium” link=””]More Info and Tickets[/jbutton]

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CT Weddings – Bridal Show Tips for Brides

Bridal Show Tips for CT Weddings

Here are some excellent CT Weddings tips for brides –  Enjoy.

There are many brides planning CT Weddings and using bridal events for easy planning. Read the following advice to get the most out of your time at the CT Weddings bridal shows.

Planning a wedding, regardless of the number of guests, requires organizational skills, time and effort.

At its inception, the task may seem overwhelming, but there are ways to make it easier. The Bridal Show or Expo can be an excellent timesaving device, because it affords the opportunity, as the adage says, to “kill two birds with one stone.” Bridal Shows bring together a variety of professional services and products, all conveniently in one location.

Need to Know Bride Advice for CT Weddings

Here are several suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of attending a CT Weddings bridal show and making the experience as productive as it can be.

    • Do your pre-show homework. Try to focus on the products and services you will or may need, but especially and even more so, on those you will not need. Then make the commitment to yourself not to waste precious time at booths which absolutely have nothing you need. The caveat here is that if you even remotely are interested in something, it doesn’t hurt to take the materials.

    • Because you can’t be everywhere, select the CT Weddings shows with which you feel most comfortable. Small, intimate shows have a limited number of vendors and a smaller number of people attending. Smaller shows give you more time to talk with individual vendors. With small shows it is more likely that you may need to attend three of four different shows to properly compare the advantages and disadvantages of one vendor over another. Larger shows can feature as 300 different vendors, offering you a wide variety. This kind of show makes comparison shopping easier, but the crowds are usually large and venues may be crowded. It will probably be more difficult to talk with a vendor for an extended period.

    • Check in advance to see if there will be food available. If not, take some easy-to-eat snack food. A full day’s event like a bridal show can leave you really hungry. Plan to spend a minimum of three to four hours in order to see all the exhibits and the fashion show.

    • If offered a “Bride-To-Be” or “Groom” sticker when registering, wear it. It gives the vendors an opportunity to be extra nice to you.

    • Dress comfortably. You’ll be on your feet for a while, so wear your most comfortable shoes.

    • Remember to bring a pen and notebook to take notes. A clipboard can serve as a solid surface for you. It will be better than leaning on a friend’s back.

    • Bring along a Palm or appointment book to record meetings you set up with vendors. If there is room, the best place to write notes about a vendor is right on the literature he or she gives you. It will help you after the show to keep the vendors from melding into one another.

    • Take advantage of listening opportunities. CT Weddings Bridal Shows often post schedules and allow DJ’s and other entertainers a few minutes of stage time to do a mini-performance. Less and less wedding locations allow prospective brides and grooms to visit (watch and listen) when a wedding is in progress, so this will be a good opportunity to see a live performance.

    • Take a friend along for feedback, focusing and review. It’s really much more fun to do most anything with a friend. Visiting a bridal show is no exception. A friend can serve as more than just good company. It’s helpful to have a second opinion, whether it confirms you judgement or refutes it. A second person registering impressions and asking questions will prove valuable. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend some time together after the event for some “after-action” discussion.

    • Ask your fiancéé to come with you. It is much more likely that you will be able to make a decision and book a vendor, if accompanied. The groom’s participation in wedding planning is growing. Today, about 30% of grooms accompany their brides to wedding shows for CT Weddings.

    • Leave kids at home. A wedding show is really not a place for children . . . who will be bored and tired and restrict your ability to make the most of the show.

    • Come knowing your budget. Spend time only with vendors who are more or less in your price range. A list of your “from” “to” price parameters will help to save you lots of time.

    • Come to the show with an open mind. One of the best things about a CT Weddings bridal show is that it gives you an opportunity to see what’s new and exciting, things you may not have thought of and considered.

    • There will be lots of CT Weddings materials for you to carry home. Here again your friend will prove invaluable. A bit of preparation will help too. The best thing for toting all the stuff you’ll collect is a backpack. It will distribute the weight, so you don’t hurt yourself, and keep your hands free for other things. A lightweight grocery sack will also do the trick. There are vendors who will offer you imprinted plastic shopping bags, but you’ll find that a backpack or sack (and one for your friend) will work much better.

    • If organization is your strong suit, bring a binder with envelopes and file tabs for each kind of vendor (caterer, photographer, florist, etc.). Before you leave a vendor’s booth, file the business cards and brochures. This will save you lots of time later.

    • Prepare a check list for yourself before you go to the show, with the major and minor products and services you need. Check them off as you go. There usually is a vendor map at the show location, so take a moment before you dive in to get your bearings.

    • Come early. The less competition you have for the vendors’ time, the more questions you’ll get answered.

    • Cut to the chase to save time. Your first question to a vendor should be “Are you available or have you an opening on ‘such and such’ date?” If you get a “no,” move on. If you meet a CT Weddings vendor with a product or service in which you’re interested, take a sample, if one is available, and ask the vendor to call you. This is a terrific, first-tier screening method. Any vendor who doesn’t follow up with a call, is a vendor with whom you don’t want to business!

    • Don’t be embarrassed to ask lots of questions. That’s why you are at the show. Professionals are happy to share what they know with you. Be gutsy . . . taste the cake and smell the flowers.

    • Bring your checkbook and/or credit card. Some vendors the area of CT Weddings offer discounts at shows, but a reliable vendor will “hold” the show price for a reasonable amount of time (24-48 hours). Even if you are really interested in a vendor, it’s probably best not to decide on the spot, but rather to schedule an appointment. If you decide to leave a deposit, make sure you are clear about refund policies and read the contract’s fine print. Ask for references and check them. If a vendor tries too hard to talk you into booking their services and placing a deposit at the show, consider it a red flag!

    • Speed up the process of leaving your name, address and phone number by taking glued, address labels with you. You’ll save yourself a bad case of writers’ cramp.

    • In order to get and keep all the CT Weddings show information you’ll be getting by mail (including drawings and giveaways), consider renting a post office box to keep everything in one place. When the wedding is over, you can simply cancel the box.

    • Make sure to register. Your registration may entitle you to win door prizes and will allow vendors to get in touch with after the show with, amongst other things, may be money saving offers. Pre-registration on-line is offered by many Bridal Show promoters, who usually give you a discounted ticket price pre-show.

    • One of the highlights of many bridal shows is the wedding fashion show. Note taking is really important because as much as you think you’ll remember, things will get blurry by the time you look at the tenth gown. You’ll want to write down a quick, brief description and the name of the store where the gown is available. Make certain to arrive early enough to get a really good seat. If you have already selected your wedding attire, you may wish to skip the fashion show in order to spend more time with the vendors.

    • Bring along color swatches. They may prove helpful in getting suggestions from vendors, such as bakers, florists, and balloonists.

    • Buddy-up and network. Meet and exchange phone numbers with other brides, if you can manage it. They can be a terrific source of information, ideas, advice, and good, old-fashioned friendship. You can never have enough friends or enough good ideas.

    • You will find lots of giveaways and contests offered at the show. Enter as many as you can. Companies give away all kinds of samples at these shows in the hope of attracting “lifelong” customers. You never know. You might be a winner.

    • After the CT Weddings show, make sure to thank your friend and/or fiancé. A little gift or lunch would be a nice way to show your appreciation. If appropriate, offer to reciprocate when the time comes.

    • Collect everything, even things you are “sure” don’t interest you, because you may change your mind and find that information helpful. When you get home, while the day’s events are still fresh in your mind, sort out the materials you have. Putting them into category order (by alpha) or strictly in alphabetical order, will make it easier for you to get your hands on the correct information when a vendor calls to follow up with you. An accordion file, with designated letters preprinted, is a good way to keeps things neatly organized.

    • With a little planning before and a little review after, you will find that attending Bridal Shows can be a terrific source of information and also lots of fun!

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