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Bridal Show Follow-up

Here are the leads from the Villa Russo 1/16/13) Show.
**The list contains *seeded* names, emails and phone numbers that are trackable to you – do NOT share under any circumstances…

The bridal lead list remains the property of Designer Bridal Showcase and may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, to any firm, company, individual or organization, under any circumstances. Client agrees to be held liable for any unauthorized use of the list and that the damages to Designer Bridal Showcase  resulting from each unauthorized occurrence (per listed name) will be set at a dollar amount equal to the price of the Clients booth space. Employees of an exhibiting company have no rights to the bridal lead list and may not make use of the bridal leadlist at new places of employment.

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Good luck with your follow-ups!

– Your NY Designer Bridal Showcase Team
– Frank, Jenn, Jimmy, Heather, Brenda and Christine
(718) 285-0736